Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Making A Change, For Now and The Future

Name: Breyonna J Bowen
From: Brooklyn, New York
Grade: 10th grade
School: Victory Collegiate High School
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Make A Change, For Now and The

Breyonna Bowen

As a young adult, I have chosen to volunteer and give to people the things they need. There is
no race involved when it comes to giving to these people, but just
giving to different groups such as babies, kids, teen, adults, and
seniors. Getting involved with this area of volunteering has been
really life changing for me. I do this because it brings a sense of
joy to everyone that is involved in the action of giving to people
who do not expect it. The time that I do this type of volunteering
the most is around the holidays, which is in the month(s) of November
and December. My school goes on trips every year around this time in
order to volunteer in the community and give the people in these
communities a helping hand.

Of course with volunteering comes a detrimental amount of responsibilities, which include getting
certain things to match the needs of the various amounts of groups
that exist and that need different types of help. Despite all the
responsibilities, there were some difficulties as being someone who
volunteered. One of the big difficulties included being incredibly
shy and reserved. Sometimes, I would not even interact with the
people who were receiving the help that was needed. I would just stay
behind the scenes and take orders, and once those orders were done,
isolate myself. This was something I had to break out of, and
eventually I accomplished this with a push from friends, peers, and
school teachers. From me volunteering, I have gained satisfaction in
helping people, something that I admired previously, but was too shy
to fully complete and communicate. From my volunteer experience, I
have learned that it doesn’t hurt to get more extremely involved in
whatever you’re doing, and that shyness or being scared of people
shouldn’t hold anyone back.

Well, for starters, “forward looking” to me means something that might help one later on in the
future. Looking towards the future, I see my actions as “forward
looking” by helping me establish the “outgoing” nature I need
in order to be a successful attorney. Volunteering not only helps me
gain confidence socially within, but helps me to want to guide
people, something that I would have to do in the future. Also, I see
change happening through the things that my school and I are doing.
The people that we give our resources and our hands to are always
giving back to us. From our resources, faith, and spirits, they are
able to bless us by doing something that we haven’t even asked them
to do. Lastly, if I were to come back in any of these time frames to
my life now, I would still think that my volunteer opportunities
would have made a difference. Even if these differences and changes
did not occur in a day or a month, I would have still seen the
happiness that volunteering spreads to all people, including people
who are just watching.

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