Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – My Journey out of an Orphanage in Honduras to help others

Name: Gabriel David Guerrero Ruiz
From: Ojai, CA
Grade: going into 9th grade
School: Oak Grove School
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Journey out of an Orphanage in Honduras to Help Others – Gabriel

I like to help homeless people and I want to help people as a doctor in
my future. I have had a very challenging life so far, but many
people along the way helped me which inspires me to help others.
When I was 5 years old I was abandoned, and I learned so much from
this happening to me. I lived on the streets in Honduras for a time
and also at different orphanages in Honduras. Over two years ago, I
met some nice people who volunteered at my orphanage on Roatan,
Honduras and I am getting ready to go live with them and start my
education in the U.S. in August, 2017. I will be a freshman at Oak
Grove School in Ojai, California and my main goal is to help others.
It is a dream for me to be a doctor and help so many people!

When I was living on the streets, I always believed things would get
better. I got to see how people suffer, how to sleep under the rain
and the way to find a meal. Living that life is hard, especially
when you’re only 5 years old. Luckily, I got through that time and
got into an orphanage with loving people. There were some really
nice people who helped me on the way which helped me stay strong too.
Just like the people who helped me, I like to help others. It feels
so good to make a difference with people, and I know that because
even as a teenager, I have been able to help others. I want to give
back to others as they gave to me. That’s why I want to help
people – not only in my job but I want to let young people know it’s
so important for them to study and help them in any way I can in the
future. I learned that I have lots of compassion for people and I
really care about them.

I Volunteer and help Others

Now in my life I like to help people who I see living on the streets in
Roatan, Honduras. This is not a volunteer project, but it is
volunteering as a human whenever I can. I get them food when I can
and talk to them and try to give them hope. I tell them of places
they can go to get help like the local churches and other places on
the island, so they do not have to stay on the streets. I tell them
my story and how I have a big future ahead of me and that if I can do
it, they can too. Sometimes, people are not ready to change and
that’s hard. But I know I have made a difference with some of
these people, because I saw them later and they told me so. They
told me they were motivated to try to change their lives, which makes
me so happy! My faith has helped me as a person and I share that
with others too. I share my faith and words, which gives me and
others strength. I like to let people know they’re awesome and let
them know they can do anything; they just have to have it in their
mind. I guess I like to give people hope and help them believe. Many
have done that for me. I believe that if you put love out in the
world, it will come back to you. Other ways I help people is I
translate for English speaking people on the island, because I am
bilingual. I help anyone who needs translation and I also help the
younger boys in the Majken Broby Orphanage where I live (Until
August, 2017) with their homework or anything else. It just feels so
good to help others, I love it!

and Career Goals

I have always wanted to go into medicine and be a doctor to help
others. I like math and science and I am starting Oak Grove School
in Ojai, California at the end of August, 2017. I am so excited!
This will change my life because I will get a good education and I
will live with people who love me so much and want to give me
opportunities. I am really motivated to help others as a doctor and I
think I would make a good doctor because I have a big heart. I think
we need more doctors who care and listen to people. I know I will
complete all my dreams no matter what. Everything I have been
through helps me have empathy for others and also gives me hope for
others. I know that if my life could change so much, then others can
too. Taking the time to listen to people on the streets tell their
stories helps them, while many people just walk by and ignore them.
It helps them know that they matter. All of my experiences helped me
understand that what I want to do in my life is help very small
people become very big people, give them hope and faith; that’s why
I want to be a doctor!

The family I will live with, the Rhoades family, volunteers at a homeless
shelter in their town every week in the winter. I want to join them
and help out in every way I can. I want to hear their stories and
let them know there is hope and to believe. I think if I were to go
back to where I live in 10, 20 or 30 years and see some people I have
talked to and helped, I hope their lives would be different. I think
some of their lives would be different because I have already been
told this. I feel like I am here to help others and I hope to get
this scholarship to help me with my education fund. Thank you for
reading my story!



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