Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Nerdy Birdies

Name: Anastahia Nicole Edwards
From: Heron Lake, Minnesota
Grade: sophomore
School: Heron Lake-Okabena
Votes: 0

            Currently, I am volunteering as a nerdy birdie at our town’s public library. We
are a teen advisory who works closely with the librarian and the
board she works under. I personally chose to become a nerdy bird
because I was searching for a way to influence other teens and
children in my own community. The nerdy birds meet once a month to
plan and approve programs sponsored by the library for kids and other
teens in town. We also have one major project for the year to better
the library, this year for example we labeled and number all the
books that were a part of a series. Individual groups are also tasked
with smaller jobs such as painting the bookshelves, lining up crafts
for the kid’s room, or decorating for the holidays. Nerdy birds
also attend programs to serve as helpers if they can attend, an
example being Santa’s helpers every year for the Christmas day

On average,I spend approximately seven to ten hours a month
volunteering. The biggest challenge I face as a nerdy bird is having
the patience to deal with an ever-changing situation. All children
are brought up differently and while helping with a program I must
adapt my approach how to interact with each child whether that be
enforcing the rules or assisting with the activity. My biggest
satisfaction while being a nerdy bird is the joy I can bring to the
kids that participate in library programs. Another bonus is my
ability to influence other teens to join the nerdy bird team, giving
them to opportunity be constructive instead of finding their way into
trouble. I have learned that the smallest action can make the biggest
difference. Working as a nerdy bird has finalized my dream of
becoming an elementary teacher, this experience has shown me a
glimpse of what it might be like to work as a teacher.
Our activities as nerdy birds help shape the future teens of our
community and looking forward I am proud to say that our junior nerdy
birds have a bright outlook. I strongly believe that there will be
nerdy birds for years to come even after the initial members fly the
nest and head to college. This group will continue to keep teens off
the streets and out of trouble, leaving them with a brighter outlook
for the unknown.

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