Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Savanah’s House

Name: Savannah Pickens
From: League City, TX
Grade: 12th grade in 2017-2018
School: Clear Falls High School
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The most rewarding aspect of life is the ability to give back to others.
To some, this means anonymous donations or gifts. However, thanks to
my teachers, I have discovered the most fulfilling way to give back
to the community is through volunteering. Specifically, I learned
that volunteering is the most basic humanitarian or societal act of
kindness that can have a profound impact on the world. More
importantly, I realized that volunteering has significantly
influenced how I plan to be a positive change-agent in my
Giving back to others has enriched my life. Not only have I volunteered at
an assisted living center, but I have also been fortunate enough to
serve food at a soup kitchen, collect money for the Salvation Army,
gather recyclables for an environmental club, and be a docent for a
local museum. Through these acts of volunteering, I have decided to
create my own charitable organization called Savannah’s
Savannah’s House will assist homeless people with acquiring job skills in order
to become employed. To do this, I will request companies to allow one
or two representative(s) to teach industrial trades within various
fields. For example, for two days a month, a company’s
representative(s) will teach skills such as welding, pipe fitting, or
millwork. In addition, human resource representatives will teach soft
skills and emotional intelligence skills. By teaching someone how to
perform a task and communicate on-the-job, a person’s life can be
transformed so that they can, in turn, can pay their good fortune
forward. This cyclical operation of giving will ultimately result in
a better economy and a more harmonious community.
To make Savannah’s House become a reality, I must first obtain my
degree in finance with the assistance of the I Have a Dream
Scholarship. This scholarship will allow me to pay my good fortune
forward by assisting an underdeveloped workforce to create a stronger
economy. I know that with my education in public finance I will be
able to assist others in the Houston area and around the world for
years to come through Savannah’s House.

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