Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – How I have Served Others

Name: Madison Riley
From: Millis, MA
Grade: 11
School: Northeastern University
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most kids can say, my parents have covered all the bases about life
lessons of managing money, eating healthily, exercising regularly,
building relationships, and having balance between work and fun. But
deeper than those ideas of a smooth running daily life, they showed
me how to serve others with each and every small action. How to serve
others by being the best version of yourself and getting others to do
the same. The biggest part of this is what some would call random
acts of kindness, but my mom found her own saying for it. Sitting
front and center on a our kitchen table is a fruit bowl that reads
“Be kinder than is necessary”. With such a simple phrase they
display such a simple philosophy. It isn’t anything life changing
or earth shattering, it’s little things each day that make you and
the people around you feel better. While there is value in those huge
community service projects or donations to organizations, the true
betterment of the community as a whole lies in those random acts of
everyday kindness. Stopping for a second to pick up that piece of
trash, paying silently for the person behind you in the Dunkin Donuts
line, doing those little things that go above and beyond being a
functioning member of society. To me serving other means that few
seconds that you give up of your day, to make the day of someone
else–especially a complete stranger–just a bit easier.

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