Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Serving Others

Name: William Kurtis Glancy
From: Crawfordsville, Indiana
Grade: 10
School: Southmont High School
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is one of the greatest things you can do. By helping others, you get
the focus off of yourself and onto that person or organization that
you are serving. I enjoy serving those who struggle to do things for
themselves and the people who do not have anyone else to do the hard
things for them. These are the people who really need our help.

have served on three different missions’ trips with my youth
group–to St. Louis in 2014, Cincinnati in 2015, and Tennessee in
2016. We helped in a VBS bible camp while in St. Louis, a Boys and
Girls club in inner city Cincinnati, and we did maintenance and ran a
day camp in Tennessee. Our church also has a week in the summer
called Love Week, where we go out and serve the city of
Crawfordsville. I have done everything from staining and building
decks, to helping lay tile, and helping with mowing and weed eating.
These are just a few of the things that I do to volunteer. I spend an
average of ten hours a month volunteering, this varies depending on
the time of year.

want to be a pastor or go into personal financing, and volunteering
helps me because both of these occupations have to do with helping
others. I want to be outward looking and when people look at me I
want them to think of what I do for others, not what I have done for

most challenging part of volunteering to me is finding time to
volunteer, but when you do volunteer and see the look on someone’s
face it makes it all worth it. You have to realize that many of the
people you are serving have less than you do, and know that you are
making a positive influence in their life. When I feel like I am in a
slump, serving others can get my mind off of myself and actually get
me out of that slump. It is amazing what serving others can help you
with. It is one of the best feelings in the world, to use your
valuable time to help someone in need. It is not always easy, but it
is always satisfying at the end.

have learned that helping others, even in the little things is one of
the most rewarding feelings, and by using your time and resources to
help others you can be a light in their lives even if it is only for
a few hours. Knowing that you are making a positive influence in your
community and the world should give you a good feeling when you think
about it. When you look back in twenty years, you are not going to
say that you served too much, but that you wish you would have served
more. By taking initiative and serving others first you are helping
yourself just as much as you are helping the people that you are

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