Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Shining Students

Name: Adara DeNiro
From: Salt Lake City, Utah
Grade: 11
School: University of Utah
Votes: 4050

Who could resist being in the presence of young, adorable children?
Definitely not me, which is why I was thrilled to volunteer in the
“Little Teachers Club”. The club was a way for students my
age to mentor elementary school pupils who had learning difficulties.
I was assigned to assist young students in the second grade for three
months. I taught them numerous concepts in mathematics and science.
Plus, I conducted some enjoyable activities with them such as
coloring and show-and-tell.

I faced various challenges while participating as a volunteer in this
club. The teachers and faculty in the school depended on me to ensure
that the students were safe. However, this was an issue as these
young girls were unpredictable at times. Once, while I was teaching
other students, there was a girl who was trying to stab her fellow
classmate with scissors. When the excessive shouting caught my
attention, I was stunned, but I knew that I had to take immediate
action. I ran towards them and took the scissors away from the girl.
When the teachers had been informed of the situation, they thanked me
greatly for being so responsible.

Being able to make a difference in someone’s life is something that makes
my heart skip a beat. I definitely made a positive impact on the
children’s lives; their test scores improved and they were more
enthusiastic about learning. It truly made me satisfied at the end of
the volunteering program.

I can’t make changes in the world on my own, and I hope that more
people would volunteer for such beneficial causes in the future. In
fact, I believe if I came back to those same little girls 10 years in
the future, my influence on them would remain as they would still be
enthusiastic about learning. Most importantly, I learnt that I love
to take care of others so much that I wish to make a career out of

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