Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – The Impact of Volunteering

Name: Alice Chandler
From: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Grade: 12
School: Bayside High School
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I do a lot of different types of volunteering in my free time, but
there is one experience that will always stick with me. At Bayside
th Grade Campus afterschool tutoring program, I spent every Thursday
from January to May my sophomore year, for two hours after school,
spending time with 6
graders to not only tutor but mentor them. As a tutor/mentor, I was
expected to help the 6
graders organize their binders and backpacks, help them with their
homework, and ultimately create a bond as a mentor with them.

            I believe that my biggest challenge was how quiet and introverted I was
at the beginning of the program, because it inhibited my ability to
connect with the students. As the program moved forward, I became
more outgoing and loved creating relationships with all of the
students. The thing that gave me the most satisfaction volunteering
was knowing that I was making a difference in lives of children that
will hopefully last longer than I can imagine. Who knew volunteering
with a bunch of 6
th graders could help me determine what I want to do with my future? I
didn’t expect it, but volunteering with students taught me so much
and made me decide that I would like to work with children in my

Forward looking, to me, means something that is being done currently with the
future in mind, something that will make an impact both now and
later. The program not only helped students with their coursework at
the time, but also gave them the tools to have a successful future in
school. The program has since shut down due to unpreventable
circumstances, but a few other volunteers and I are working on
creating a program similar at our own school, helping students closer
to our age.

With my volunteer activities, I hope to show students that they can be
successful as long as they use the tools that they have. By tutoring
and mentoring students, I hope to show them how to use those tools.
In ten or twenty years, I believe that my mentoring will have helped
students to push forward in their education and hopefully seek out
their passions. Volunteering with these students not only has an
impact on their lives, but my life too.

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