Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – The Mission

Name: Zachary Anderson
From: Renton, Wa
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Youth Forward Scholarship Essay

June 2017


The type of volunteering I do is missions. A mission is a kind of
volunteer service where you go somewhere that is not local and work
there to help the community in any way that needs to be done. My
local church has given me the opportunity to go on many of these
trips. I feel like it has changed me for the better and that I have
made an impact on the communities that I have touched.

trips, like I have said, do not follow the “classic” style
of volunteering; I don’t have one position that I work at every time
I volunteer. Every trip I do something a little different. On my
first trip in middle school I worked with others to build and fix up
housing and other labor intensive works for the community I was in.
In my freshman year of high school I worked in homeless and poor
ministry, and in my sophomore year I worked with kids. On each trip
the group goes down for about a week of daily service. It is very
similar to having a job, but just for a week in the summer. You work
from eight o’clock on the morning to about three or four in the

The most difficult moment I had was when I was working with children last
year. One day there were some older boys (around 12 years old) who
came and starting disrupting us. They stole a girl’s bike and
threatened the adults and youth working the site and it was very
difficult to deal with them. Eventually they left and the project
manager got everything sorted out but it was frightening. The most
satisfaction I get from volunteering comes from seeing the difference
I and others have made in the community, however slight. Seeing the
joy on the faces of those who I helped with their houses, or served
food to, or played with is just one of the best feelings on the
planet. It may be cliché and cheesy, but it really is true.

To be honest, the volunteer service I have done hasn’t really had any
impact on my career and future goals. I plan to work in computer
science and music and none of the work I have done aligns with that.
I believe that the work I have done is extremely forward looking, by
building housing for communities to grow, aiding the homeless and
poor to help get back on their feet, and working with children to
teach them values. These are all activities that are big investments
in our future. I seek to help make this world a better place for
anybody I can, in any way that I can. I do believe that the work I
have done will have made a difference if I go back in the future. I
hope that the communities I have touched will be better for it.

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