Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – The problems of Distracted Driving

Name: Jacob Tyler Brown
From: Falls Church, VA
Grade: 11th
School: ODU
Votes: 0

Problems of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving causes a huge percentage of accidents each year. The total percentage of car crashes caused by distracted driving without singling out phone use is sixty-six percent. The percentage of crashes caused by cellphone use alone is fifteen percent. And this is hands on usage. That means the driver is either talking on the phone or sending a text message while driving. Every time a driver looks down at their phone or answers a call, they put their focus on their mobile device rather than focus on getting to work, getting back home, or just traveling.

This can lead to crashes that can injure the driver, a passenger in the same car, or another driver. These crashes can even become fatal.
Distracted driving can lead to crashes that kill the driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or another driver on the road.

The most crashes caused bydistracted driving are caused when the driver is on their cellphone. This is because people nowadays can’t stop paying attention to their cellphone. Granted that some people are better at self-control when it comes to their phone but most people will not stop looking at their phone. Police will now pull over drivers if they suspect that the driver is on his or her phone. Some states have even written laws that state it is an offense to have one’s phone out while driving.

We as drivers in this world need to learn that there is a huge price to pay for using our phones while we are driving. And if we don’t
learn soon, then we may lose someone dear to us because of a distracted driver.

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