Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Time Donated is Not Time Wasted

Name: Maryan Osman
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Grade: 10
School: Bard High School Early College
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Time Donated is Not Time Wasted

I volunteer my time to different programs, some of them in my school
others in my community. My volunteering includes tutoring for two
years, aiding teachers, social justice club, assisting and running
the school office, ambassador committee, and Selling raffle

I was a tutor at Watterson Lake Elementary School, from the years of
2010-2012. I tutored during my academic years at Watterson Lake
Elementary School. The first year I tutored groups of one to three
3rd or 4th graders after school. The second year I tutored groups of
4th or 5th graders. I also helped students with homework and test
preparation, with a concentration on reading & English.

At Watterson Lake, I also volunteered my lunch time to act as a
teacher’s Aid for the Kindergarten and first-grade teachers. During
my time as a teacher’s aid, I taught students the alphabet and
numbers. I also accompanied students to the public library; read them
stories. I also assisted teachers with administrative tasks such as
copying and filing, as well as with classroom clean up.

When I got to High School I became involved with the Social Justice club.
During the first two years of being in the social Justice club, I
wasn’t involved much. But by my junior year, I was taking more
initiative. As a member of the social justice club, I Organize events
and conducted productive conversation spreading awareness of social
justice issues and ways to combat these issues. We host discussions
and events surrounding issues and topics, such as sexual harassment,
mental illness, Standing Rock, Homelessness, Domestic Violence, and
Discrimination. We held a discussion, an art show, raised money, and
signed a petition for Standing Rock. Social Justice has also
volunteered at the West Side Catholic Center where we donated food,
clothes, and feminine products. We helped to sort and pass food out
to the people coming to the Catholic Center. We also volunteered our
time to the Elizabeth Bryant Village, which is a place for seniors.
We played games, painted nails, and helped with arts and crafts. We
also Helped out with meal time by passing out lunches and helped with

As a student ambassador, I would guide tours for potential incoming
freshmen students, organize school events, and act as a Shadow Post;
students attending the school the following year would follow me
around and I would show them around the school, and answer any of
their questions.

As an Office Assistant at my High School I would assist parents and
students; finding information for parents, schedule meetings with
parents and administrators.

I also sold raffle tickets at a Cleveland Cavaliers Games to raise
money for the Cavaliers Youth Foundation and the United Black Fund.

Volunteering your time and effort is just as effective as donating money.
Sometimes people just need a few moments of your time.

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