Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Volenteering

Name: Alexandrea copp
From: Fredonia, NY
Grade: 11th
School: Fredonia
Votes: 0

I volunteered at the Hope Center Church for several of years in their
Sunday school program with both 2-year old’s and 1-6
graders. I have also volunteered in other programs my Church does,
including their food pantry, I have done here and there for 8 years
and their dance camp for girls for 3 years. Although the other
programs are great Sunday school has been my favorite and I have been
doing that for 9 years every other Sunday, When I did the
two-year-old group my responsibilities were to do stuff like set up
the room, prepare snack, help print the lesson, and coloring sheets.
I also had to make sure all the kids were paying attention during the
lesson, recently I have worked with 1-6
grade. With this age group, my job would change every week. The jobs
would be to prepare snack, supervise games, and captive their
attention during the lesson. Occasionally I would prep the music for
worship, setting up the equipment. Finally, I would help with
dismissal and make sure all the kids where going with the right
people and handing out a paper with everything they learned that day.
I think the biggest struggle with me is making sure all the kids were
listening and doing what they are supposed to do. I didn’t want to
yell at them because I was afraid they wouldn’t like me anymore but
I learned I can still enforce the rules without being mean and not
worry if the kids will like me or not, because my job was to ensure
safety and order. I think the most satisfaction I got was watching
the kids grow during the months and how different they were from the
beginning of the year to the end, and seeing them figure out who they
are and what they like. I have learned many things, it has grown my
love for children and my love for being a teacher. Forward looking to
me is considering the future, I see that volunteering with kids has
reiterated my love for teaching kids. It has been a great experience
and helping me decide what I want to do in the future. I believe
when I look back on my volunteering in the future it will show me
that without the experience I wouldn’t had been sure that I would
have liked being a teacher. It is also a great feeling to make a
difference in lives, by giving my time opened many opportunities in
speaking positive thing into children’s lives. I enjoyed Sunday
school as child, and so many people spoke positive things to me that
I still hold on to today. It has brought me great pleasure in paying
it forward.

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