Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Volunteer with Kids

Name: Trinity Palasek
From: Middleville, Michigan
Grade: Junior
School: Thornapple Kellogg High School
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I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the world because
of the opportunities I have had to work with children. Planning to go
into pediatrics, this is amazing practice for my career, but overall
I love working with and being around children. All those energetic
little bodies have been something that brings joy to my life, even
when I am down.

One place that I volunteered to work with children was at an elementary
school in my district. Around sixth or seventh grade, I went to one
of my elementary teachers and asked her if I could help her out
around the classroom and she accepted my help. I would usually go
down to her classroom everyday after school and stay until they were
released. I did various things to help her out but one of the main
things I did was mentor students in reading. It is amazing to see
that spark in a child’s eye when they learn a new word or get
through reading their book. This wasn’t always the easiest task
though. There were some students that just did not want to learn.
These students would easily get sidetracked or just simply not read.
In order to get through these difficult times, I would have to come
up with clever ways to make these students want to read. If we were
to finish the book that the teacher had assigned for that day then
they were allowed to go out to recess and things like that. This
volunteer opportunity taught me many things such as patience, even
greater responsibility, and persistence.

Another opportunity I had to volunteer was through Big Brothers Big Sisters.
This was another incredible opportunity for me to work with children
and make a positive impact on their lives. I would go to one of the
elementary schools once a week and meet with one specific child for
one hour. During that time, I was basically an older sister to this
child. While I was there, we had time to draw pictures, play board
games and play outside but there were also times where I was required
to help him with school work he was struggling on. The hardest thing
about this experience was having to leave each week. My little never
wanted me to leave and I always felt terrible having to leave. He
always wanted me to stay and play longer but the rules prevented me
from being able to. I always had to overcome this and tell him I
would be back next week to play and even though it was hard, most of
the time this worked. This was a great learning experience for me. I
learned how to be loyal, consistent, and incredibly patient.

These experiences were amazing for me because they taught me so much more
about children that will help me in my career. I will already know
techniques to work with kids, calm them down, and even overcome their

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