Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Volunteering as a Catholic Public High School Student

Name: Angelina Rose Furlan
From: Schaumburg , Illinois
Grade: Sophomore
School: Schaumburg High School
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For me, volunteering has been a constant part of my life. I began
volunteering in elementary school through my parish and expanded my
role as a volunteer in an assortment of different facets. I started
helping in junior high with Vacation Bible School (VBS) because I
loved the program so much throughout elementary school, that I was
compelled to give the next generation the same experience. Vacation
Bible School was not only a way to have fun, but it helped me learn
people skills, my faith and encouraged me to have a stronger
character. While I was a participant at VBS, members of CRUSH Youth
Ministry, (Catholic Religion Understood Spiritually Here) a group for
high school teens encouraged me to join the youth group when I became
of age.

In high school I joined CRUSH ASAP because I remembered how wonderful the teens were
that lead my small group and I wanted to be just like them. I quickly
became a peer minister, which is a group of approximately 20 leaders
out of the 70 members of CRUSH. I have helped coordinate meetings and
outreaches designed to help members of CRUSH grow in their faith,
along with helping those about to make Confirmation in their final
faith formation. While I have been in CRUSH, I have also been
involved in other numerous church sponsored events and programs for
at least the number of hours per year listed below:

Server/Eucharistic Minister: 24 hours a year

Religious Ed: 30
hours a year

CRUSH Member: 16
hours a year

Peer Minister
(Sophomore year on): 76 hours a year

Mission Trip: 6
days a year

Mission Trip
Fundraising: 7 hours a year

VBS: 30 hours per
year freshman and sophomore years, 15 hours junior year

Minister of Care:
12 hours junior year

Choir Co-Director: 15 hours junior year

Parish picnic
volunteer: sophomore and junior year 5 hours per year

Lenten Fish Fry:
9 hours junior year

Christmas Play
Volunteer: 3 hours per year

Living Stations
of the Cross Volunteer: Sophomore and Junior year 5 hours per year

Being a volunteer throughout high school in my parish has been arduous. I go
to a public high school where practicing Catholics are the minority.
I have faced judgment and bullying every single year for being so
involved in my church and am often labeled as a “religious
freak/fanatic” because of this. Although this happens, I continue
to volunteer more and more because of the satisfaction it brings to
know that I have made a difference, no matter how small in another
person’s life.

All of my volunteer work is leading up to my career as a pediatric nurse
practitioner. It is teaching me responsibility, humbleness and time
management as I grow up. My greatest hope is that if I come back to
my home parish years from now, the next generation is as fruitful,
faithful and loving as mine has been.

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