Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Volunteering can be fun

Name: Caeley Philip
From: Sparta, NJ
Grade: freshman
School: West Virginia University
Votes: 0

Who doesn’t love Girl Scout cookies? We all do. Just so you know, I
am the red head with the braids on the Trefoil box. The picture is a
few years old but I am still so honored to be a girl scout chosen to
represent Girl Scouts of America.

Girl scouts has opened me up to the joy of volunteering along with my family. My
grandparents and parents have all been involved with Girl Scout and
boy scouts for many years. I am currently putting in my application
to become a lifetime member of Girl Scouts.

Why do I tell you all about Girls Scouts? It is because this is one of the earliest
ways to encourage young girls with the opportunity to experience the
joy of helping others. It is the first opportunity I was able to see
my mother volunteering her time and heart to our troop. In return she
was teaching us that if you open up your hearts and invest a little
of your time you could do wonderful things to help others. I wondered
why it was my mom who was our leader but then she explained that she
grew up as a Girl Scout and my grandmother was her leader and that my
grandfather was a Cub Scout leader.

Some of my fondest memories growing up are spending time with my grandparents.
They live in a community with pools, beaches, playgrounds and even a
kid’s clubhouse. I have participated in fishing derbies, Halloween
parades, and 4th of July picnics, Golf cart parades and so much more.
Every single one of the events was run by volunteers, including my
grandparents. I always knew when we went to an event one of my
grandparents would have to step aside for a bit to do their part. I
would be sitting there having fun and at the same time I could see
the volunteers helping, laughing and enjoying themselves.

My grandfather recently passed at the age of 89. Almost all the way up to his
passing he remained involved. He was still in neighborhood watch and
the recreation committee in his community. My grandmother is part of
a woman’s club and one of their programs is that when someone
passes in their community, they all get together and cook and do
everything for the family for after the funeral. This past week my
grandmother and her friends made food for Habitat for humanity and
delivered it to the people working.

You can never be too young or too old to volunteer. There are so many ways to
volunteer. And yes volunteering can be rewarding but it can also be
FUN! We need to teach this to our children and the best way is to
volunteer and include them. They will have fun and they will learn
the value of volunteering.

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