Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Volunteering in Child Care

Name: Kaitlyn Lance
From: Harper Woods, Michigan
Grade: 9th
School: Arts Academy in the Woods
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Every other Sunday I get to spend an hour and a half with some of the best
group of 3
rd graders I know. Kids have always been important to me because of how
much they still have to offer to the world and they always remind me
that what I do in the world today will affect their future. When I
volunteer, I get to teach lessons that challenge them to think and be
creative with each activity. For example, one day I gave them an
activity to put toothpaste that was already out of the tube back in;
most of them were very creative. Some grabbed a pencil and started to
stuff it back in others grabbed scissors to cut the top of the tube
off and scoop it back in. While this turned out to be a mess; it was
exciting to see them work as a group to come up with a solution.

When I first started volunteering it took me awhile to connect with the
kids because I was still learning to be a kid myself. Sometimes I
would feel like this wasn’t the right thing for me because I just
didn’t know what to say or how to act, but after a few weeks I got
more involved with activities and made them feel like I was one of
them. I would go around and ask them how their week was and how they
were feeling. I learned that being open with yourself and confident
in myself is the only way the children will open up to me and feel
comfortable. One of the most amazing things about volunteering with
kids is seeing them blossom, especial when on their first day they
were shy and quiet.

One of the biggest reasons I decided to volunteer under child care is
because of the career path I intend to go into. As a future
pediatrician, I thought it would be best to get my foot through the
door by becoming comfortable with kids and learning how to talk to
them. Also, I wanted to make a change in their lives as well; by
teaching them life lessons that will hopefully carry on into their
future and help them make the world a better place. I strongly
believe that in the future my volunteer efforts will have made a
difference in their lives. I will continue to volunteer to make a
change and to influence the future.

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