Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Volunteers have the Heart

Name: Jennifer Knell
From: Millersville, Pennsylvania
Grade: Freshman
School: Millersville University
Votes: 1

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time they have the heart” said
Elizabeth Andrew. Hello my name is Jennifer Knell and I have been
committed to volunteerism ever since I was 10 years old and it has
given me access to countless opportunities. Over the years I have
given up countless hours of my time and committed myself to helping
others. My time has been put into many different varieties of
volunteer work such as VBS(Vacation Bible School), Soup kitchens, and
many different jobs throughout my high school career. The reason I
started to volunteer was because my parents raised me to always give
back to the community and treat others with the respect they deserve.

I am a member at an old Baptist chapel in the middle of country. It
isn’t much but its community ranges from all ages. Every year the
second week of August they put on a thing called VBS. It is aimed
around bringing church access to children and bringing them in a
teaching them the ways of the church. I originally started out simply
helping set up tables and chairs to being put in charge of stations
and groups of children. It has proven time and time again to be
rewarding experience. There is nothing that beats the feeling of
getting a hug from a child and them saying they want to be like you
when they get older.

Most of my volunteer hours has been spent at Greater Nanticoke Area High
School. I have done many jobs such as helped teachers move rooms, put
together high school diplomas, file important documents in the
office, and help put on our school’s spirit week. Not only did I
enjoy helping my teachers and fellow students it also helped me gain
trust with the adults in the school. That in which gave me the access
to build good strong relationships with those people. Thankfully
those people are there whenever I need to lend me a helping hand.

So as you can see I am very committed to volunteerism. Between the hours
put into church and school I have also done 3 soup kitchen. I cooked,
served, and cleaned along with 10 other volunteers. Even though I am
starting a new chapter of my life in college doesn’t mean I am going
to stop volunteering. I will continue to help others while also
continuing to help myself along the way.      

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