Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2017 – Youth Forward, World Forward

Name: Victoria Smith
From: Eielson AFB, AK
Grade: Sophomore
School: Ben Eielson High School
Votes: 6


Forward Scholarship 2017

Forward, World Forward

Dictionaries define volunteerism asthe act or practice of doing volunteer work in community service
(Merriam-Webster Dictionary); however, to me, volunteerism is more than a few bland
words. Volunteerism is the essence of my being since it gives me purpose

if I can make the community smile, then I can make me smile.

As a cadet in the Air Force Junior ROTC, member of National Honor
Society, and a student council member, I have volunteered in a
multitude of areas, but my favorite area to volunteer is within
various youth programs. Accordingly, I enjoy volunteering with youth
programs because I have a passion for children. Unlike others, I get
along well with children and adore to see their smiles. To be honest,
spreading joy is my drive to continue volunteering. Regularly, I
volunteer ten hours a month to balance my education, self-enrichment,
and other volunteering opportunities. As a volunteer for youth
programs, I am responsible for a large number of things, including:
being attentive to the youth’s behavior to avoid incidents, being
knowledgeable of First Aid and CPR practices, organizing events for
children, and preparing simple snacks. In short, my biggest challenge
in volunteerism is separating my emotions from the situation. With
this in mind, I am disheartened to see so many children living in
poverty. To exemplify my statement, I interacted with a younger
sibling of a classmate during a volunteer event; thereby, opening my
eyes to the mass amount of poverty existing so close to home.

My satisfaction from volunteering is derived from the simple “Thank
you,” I receive from the children I am given the privilege to
connect with. To see the smile on their faces brings happiness into
my life; thus, knowing I am making this world a little less dark. I
have learned compassion, time-management skills, and a true
appreciation of America’s demand for equality. Volunteerism is a part
of me, so my activities as “forward-looking” are positive.
I will volunteer as long as I am able to because it truly is a way of
life. The changes I desire to seek via my volunteering activities
are: an expansion of volunteerism, love and compassion in my
community, and equality for everyone.

I believe volunteerism is infectious– once you receive the
overwhelming satisfaction of making a difference in your community,
you will desire to volunteer again. My love for volunteering will
make a positive difference in the future because I will share my
adoration with others; therefore, spreading the desire. As more
people are engulfed with the desire to volunteer, the community will
thrive as everyone works for a better whole. A pebble can make one
ripple, a rock can make five ripples, and a boulder can cause massive
waves. Together, we can make a difference.

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