Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – Anonymously Making a Difference

Name: Adrian Hildebrant
From: Bay City, Michigan
Grade: 13 Freshman
School: Oakland University
Votes: 0

I volunteer at Covenant Hospital in the summers. I chose to volunteer
at the hospital because I want to work in a hospital setting as a
nurse for my future career so I thought it would be a perfect way to
get some experience. Over the course of three months I work around 80
hours because I have to work around my summer job hours. Last summer,
I was assigned to the Pharmacy and was trusted to perform tasks like
assembling vaccination kits, sorting medication, and suiting up in a
sterile room to make IV bags. I also was an assistant to the person
that delivered Narcotics throughout the entire hospital, even
restricted areas like the operating rooms. I think the biggest
challenge was not being able to directly interact with the patients.
Naturally, I see a sick or hurting person and I want to help them or
comfort them any way I can, but just being a volunteer I wasn’t
certified to be able to do any of that. I say a little girl returning
from the operating room, being wheeled by in a wheelchair and I just
wanted to give her hug, but unfortunately I couldn’t. Overall, I
learned a lot. I made some adult friends and it equipped me with
skills and a passion that better prepared me for my future. It also
made me positive of my future career, and being able to help others.

Forward looking is doing things that will benefit you in the future. Ways to
better your future self, always looking at the next step ahead. I
seek to anonymously make a difference in my hospital community. By
having a volunteer program the hospital is able to pay good doctors
and nurses more, and be able to purchase the most advanced medical
equipment, to be able to better help and treat patients. I daily help
make this difference, and could indirectly save lives. These doctors
do important work so if I can help them in any way I can so they can
focus on the bigger things. In thirty years I will know I can look
can easily look back and say that I made a difference. Because even
then I’m sure the hospital will have volunteers, who work behind
the surface, and when I’m in the hospital for whatever reason I’ll
be thankful for them so the doctor can properly treat me or the
people I love to the best of their ability with the technology to
help them.

Volunteering has helped me find my passion in life, helping others and my
community. It has showed me that that’s what I want to do for a
living and has led me to major in Nursing. It has taught me great
values of hard work and the humility of doing something without and
physical benefit in return. All these experiences are so humbling and
eye opening because there’s even right in my own community that
needs my help and service.

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