Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – Baking for a Cause

Name: Megan Kavanaugh
From: Rch Palos Vrd, California
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I am passionate about baking.
Nothing is more satisfying than eating and sharing baked goods that
you made yourself. Two years ago, I turned this love into an act of
giving by founding and running the Baking for a Cause Club. My club
bakes together every month, holds a bake sale at our school, and then
donates all funds earned to a local charity. We have raised over two
thousand dollars and given to organizations such as local soup
kitchens, a nearby women and children’s shelter, and even
contributed to the hospital bills of a community member who suffered
a terrible accident. In my time managing this club, I have seen that
even 25 high schoolers can make a profound impact on the community.
The most life-changing aspect of this experience is the response of
the community. I will never forget the thank you note we received
from the mother of Fabian Guevara, an alumnus who had suddenly passed
away, when we donated to the expenses of his funeral. Her touching
words of gratitude caused me to realize that no act of kindness is
too big or too small as long as it impacts one person. I never
thought that my small hobby could grow and help so many people but I
now understand that passion fuels change. Each and every person has a
talent and I believe that they will be most fulfilled when they use
their gifts to assist others.

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