Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – Overcoming Obstacles

Name: Malik J Myatt
From: Chicago, IL
Grade: Senior
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Overcoming Obstacles

I would like to reflect on an obstacle that I once had in my life that
I overcame. That obstacle was standing in front of an audience and
speaking. I was so nervous to do that. At times my words did not come
out correctly. I would stammer. Or I would talk to low that I heard
myself, but the audience could not. My level of comfort was not there
and sweat would roll of my head down my face. My armpits would be wet
also. That was a very awkward moment me because I thought it would be
easy. But when it was my turn to address an audience or class on a
topic that I had had to present. I would be so nervous. I could talk
to my friends and there would be no problem. But talking to a big
crowd of people, it would not work.

I started doing research by reading various books on how not to be nervous will speaking to groups of
people and also watching videos. I studied the body language of the
presenter. How they would talk and project their voice. The right
pace for me to speak my words. What to focus on while in front of a
group that I would be speaking to. How to control my breathing and
basically how to relax. I started practicing with a group of friends.
Then at church volunteering to do the Sunday announcements. I became
more and more comfortable talking to these different groups. It was
now time to talk in front of my class. I stood in front of my
classmates, gave my presentation with no problems. It really works
with practice and researching different ways to overcome the
nervousness of standing before an audience while speaking. I’m glad I
accomplished that and now I know that anything is possible if you
believe in yourself.

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