Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – Thinned Out Fog

Name: Esmeralda Segura
From: Palm Springs, California
Grade: College Freshman
School: University of Redlands
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Out Fog

area in which I chose to volunteer is the Boys and Girls Club of Palm
Springs. I began volunteering for my local Boys and Girls Club during
my sophomore year because I knew that my passion was working with
children. I completed my training necessary to become a certified
Junior Staff and I’ve donated over 150 hours of my time through
this program. A few of my responsibilities as a Junior Staff are
participating in career development activities, supervising groups of
children, and being a mentor to the younger members attending the
Boys and Girls Club.

believe the biggest challenge I faced as a junior staff led to my
greatest satisfaction. A young girl whom I met during the summer of
2016 instantly clicked with me, and she began to call me “mommy.”
I believe the reason she felt comfortable with me was because I made
the effort to get to know her as an individual. As our relationship
grew, there were numerous occasions in which she acted defiant
towards me and other members of the club, including her older sister.
This led to confusion and frustration because this was my first
encounter disciplining a disobedient child. After multiple encounters
with this young girl, I later came to understand the reason behind
her actions when she opened up to me about her issues at home. I
learned that her parents were divorced, and it was difficult for her
to adjust to the joint custody between her parents.

experience helped shape my future goals and aspirations. My goal in
life is becoming an elementary school teacher and a trusted role
model for every child I come across. The Boys and Girls Club helped
me to discover my potential and to decide that I want to devote my
life to impact the lives of children. There is nothing in this world
that makes me happier than being a mother-figure who believes in a
child’s potential to become the best version of themselves.

believe my volunteer experience has made a difference in my community
because I was able to provide a safe and comfortable “home away
from home” for many younger members of the Boys and Girls Club.
Additionally, I view the Boys and Girls Club as much more than just a
babysitting business; it is a place where I impact children daily.
Now that I will be continuing my education at the University of
Redlands this fall, I plan on volunteering at a local Boys and Girls
club and I will continue a ripple effect of positivity. I’m
grateful to have the opportunity to help shape values such as
respect, kindness, and compassion. My volunteer experience at the
Boys and Girls Club has truly helped me to become better, stronger,
and more understanding.

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