Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – Volunteering

Name: Aimee Kathryn Haslet
From: Tionesta, Pennsylvania
Grade: College Freshman
School: Clarion University of Pennsylvania
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Any company should have core values, so there would greater
accomplishments in a work environment. The most important core value
is teamwork because it’s essential it’s needed for high performance
levels. Everyone is working towards a common goal and need to be
willing to cooperate with different personalities. It’s needs to be
understood that everyone is different, so they’re multiple strengths
and weaknesses that are presented. The huge reason teamwork is
important because you need to socialize with others who are

How someone harnesses energy from socializing depends on which area of
the spectrum they fall in. Introverts need a long time to recharge
the energy they lost from socializing. They usually prefer
conversations and hangouts that caters to another individual. The
common traits of an introvert are solitude, small groups of friends,
and too much stimulation is overwhelming for one. Extroverts accept
the energy in their environment and often appear as talkative,
outgoing, friendly, and sociable. It’s common for most people to meet
in the middle of the spectrum.

Ambiverts are those who possess qualities of an introvert and extrovert. They
could change socially depending on the stimulation they’re receiving
and how it’s affecting their brain signals. It’s easier to for them
to be socially flexible when other people of an extreme end of the
spectrum is present. The common traits are working alone, or
together, they could be too exhausted, or bored. All things are
circumstantial for the ambivert because they are constantly adapting
the environment around them.

People need to understand that someone might be more social than their other
coworker. It doesn’t mean intellectually, mentally, or emotionally
problems are occurring, it’s how they process stimuli. Everyone
needs to be listening to their teammates because for others it’s
difficult in that dynamic. It’s not uncommon for people to suffer
social anxiety, or shyness because they don’t want to be judged for
their abilities. The importance of teamwork is making sure others are
comfortable with what needs to be accomplished and how to execute
those steps.

For example, I was a extremely reclusive, socially awkward for years, and
it affected my ability to speak with others. I often hated working in
groups because I was afraid to speak up and voice my opinion. I often
wanted to work alone because I knew it would be easier for my anxious
tendencies. I’m fortunate that I gained confidence and I’m
comfortable working in a team dynamic. I’m alright with working by
myself depending on what needs to be accomplished.

In conclusion, the important core value for companies is the value of
teamwork. It’s beneficial because you get the opportunity to work
with others from different backgrounds. You adjust to how others
socialize and communicate ideas, depending on how they carry on about
it. Everyone falls on the spectrum whether their an introvert,
extrovert, or ambivert. It means that someone shouldn’t be
uncomfortable with something if it’s going to affect their
abilities. No one should be judged on how they handle external
stimuli. If the tasks is accomplished properly, then that’s what
should matter the most.

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