Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – Volunteering Essay

Name: MiaConstance Naputi DuChene
From: APO, AP
Grade: 10th
School: Humphreys High School
Votes: 0

I don’t quite know what area I have chosen to volunteer in. The volunteering I’ve
done was either for school based events or for CYS.

I chose to volunteer at school based events such as graduation or working at the
concession stand for tennis KAIAC because I wanted to get involved
more in events outside of school and volunteering has helped with
earning volunteer hours, which was essential for NHS. I chose to
volunteer at CYS because volunteering at events that CYS contributed
to helped with gaining experience at a big event. This experience
helped with volunteering at the high school graduation of 2018.

I have volunteered 2-3 hours yearly depending on how many events I get
involved in. At the graduation of 2018, my sister and I volunteered
for 2 hours from 5:15 pm to 7:30 pm.

My responsibilities as a volunteer varied from positions to positions.
When my sister volunteered to work at the concession stand for tennis
KAIAC, we switched between preparing the food and taking the orders
along with working cashier. At the Easter Extravaganza that CYS
contributed to, my main responsibility was to help prepare the hot
dogs along with helping cook them.

My biggest challenge as a volunteer was cooperating with others, other than my
sister, because I don’t really know a lot of people and trying to
understand what someone is saying or what message I need to give to
someone else is tricky. I have to say that being productive in a
position or even helping others with their job positions gave me the
most satisfaction as a volunteer because working on something or
helping others makes you feel like you’re contributing to something
bigger and doing something productive, even if it’s just a small job,
is better than doing nothing. I have learned a lot when volunteering
such as being able to balance between different job positions,
learning to be quick thinking as well as quick on your feet, and
mostly, how to communicate with others because communication would be
helpful in the future and communicating with others when helping at
an event has helped me with interacting and socializing.

My interests and career goals are in alignment with the volunteer focus because
since one of my career goals involves majoring in biochemistry and/or
biology, communications among others, especially when presenting my
findings or report, is essential as well as learning to balance
between numerous tasks. To me, “ forward looking” means something
that will prove to be inspirational to others so that in the future,
they will do the same in order to help improve the future. I do not
know whether or not whether I see my activities as “forward
looking”, but in order to answer that question, I see my activities
as “forward looking” as in that it will inspire others to
volunteer more whether it is to contribute to something or for any
other reason. When I volunteered, sometimes it would be because I
have to earn volunteer hours for NHS and other times, it would be
because I wanted to contribute to something even if it is not a grand
spectacular event. The changes I seek to foster in the world would be
that more people would volunteer, whether at a grand
event/organization or at a small school event, because even if you
don’t feel that you’ve done a big difference, volunteering will
encourage others to do the same. I don’t think my volunteer
activities would made a difference because I haven’t chosen an
important area to volunteer such anti-drunk driving, homelessness,
etc. I don’t think my volunteer activities would have made a
difference because I just volunteered at school and at small events
outside of school.

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