Youth Forward Scholarship Summer 2018 – Volunteering

Name: Aimee Haslet
From: Tionesta, Pennsylvania
School: Clarion University of Pennsylvania
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Aimee Haslet

One of the accomplishments I have made from childhood to adulthood
is volunteering. Since my eighth grade year, I have volunteered at
our local library. The main reason I started volunteering at the
library is that I wanted to help others, and fuel my passion for
books. Through volunteering, I learned the value of dedication and
hard work. I started volunteering my perspective on many aspects of
my life has changed. I became open-minded to all the possibilities
and dreams anyone could carry out.

The first time I started to come to the library, I was shy and
reclusive as a young adult. Volunteering for me really helped me come
out of my shell. Now, I have grown into this confident, intelligent,
compassionate, hardworking, and inquisitive person that is full of
life. I’ve made meaningful friendships with some people, which I
never thought would happen. I never thought volunteering at the
library would make me more outgoing.

I am a humble and sweet human who wants to give back to the
community. I started volunteering at my local library. I would help
little kids with the summer reading program and participate in the
activities they had. I would help with their annual book sale every
year. I started volunteering there because it was a place I would go
to every day. I was reclusive as a child and the library was my
second home. I have the passion for books and I can just sit down
with a good book and not worry about a thing. I’m grateful that I
worked there to improve my social skills.

Volunteering has given me the opportunity to explore what I’m
truly passionate about. I hope as I continue my education, I can
still volunteer in many places, and see more out there. Doing this as
a pastime of mine, I have come to realize what are my strengths,
weaknesses, and what I am capable of contributing to in society. I
want to be known for my work and to make a difference in someone’s

The term looking forward means you have to keep going even when
things are difficult. Even if the road seems dark, you have to
remember there is a light at the end. There will be setbacks, but you
should always strive for the positivity. Don’t let others degrade
you for your passions and interests. I learn that you’ll get
through any situation or people’s judgements, so follow your head
and heart.

In conclusion, I am very grateful to be able to continue
volunteering. Volunteering is an activity that I am very dedicated
to. I get the feeling of satisfaction knowing I am helping others. I
have now reached the rightful age of nineteen and I realize my goal
in life is to give compassion to people in need. I want others to
know they can make a difference, even if that is helping in a small

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