Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – A Critical, Microscopic Movement

Name: Kayla Holguin
From: El Paso, Texas
Grade: 12
School: Valle Verde Early College High School
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A neuron undergoes an intricate path in transmitting information; it can take many routes and lead to one of hundreds of places. I chose
the path of one of the most rigorous public schools my city had to offer. The early college high school placed me in a setting far from
what I was accustomed to but quickly learned to adapt. The change was like a neuron’s 
action potential, a significant change with an effective outcome, but I soon realized the change was for the better.

A gap is soon among the neuron‘s path, a synaptic cleft. It has to take a leap and find its way after the jump, finishing its trek. I too, take a leap, when I apply to every opportunity that is available to me. Sometimes I fail, but the experience is always worthy of the risk. I am a part of the honors college, taking on more assignments to earn the extra credit and graduate with distinction. The extra work proves me capable of taking extra initiative, and has taught me time management better than I could have ever learned any other way.

I volunteer at many different events and have given several hundred hours of service, most of which come from being a caregiver at a church nursery. Caring for babies requires discipline and the ability to juggle tasks. I have had to multitask as if my life depended on it
because the safety of the babies depended on me. I’ll apply this same diligence and ability to multitask to my college classes. I took
several classes to be a better caregiver.

I cannot accomplish everything alone. Like the neuron that releases thousands of neurotransmitters to complete its journey to create a single movement, I have participated in several different group activities to help my community function as a whole. I was a graphics coordinator for a local city representative presentation that was held by my school. Such a large event could not have been
accomplished by only me and I felt pride and a sense of giving to know I assisted in the event.

The electrical impulse that starts the neuron’s path has to be great enough to continue all the way through its voyage. With similar energy, I put on a 5K run designed to give money to local non profit organizations, which was partnered this year with the American Cancer Society. I helped set up the track at a local park and cheered to urge the competitors to the finish line.

After the initial spark and the leap of the neuron, the long journey is completed and a movement is rewarded. Through my high school journey and the junctions I have taken, my reward is graduating from a high school with a great education. Soon, I will have to start the process over for a new bodily movement, and a new college experience.

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