Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – A Rewarding Experience

Name: Alden Liang
From: Stony Brook, New York
Grade: College Freshman
School: Stony Brook University
Votes: 11900

As I wander the outskirts of New York City, I came to a halt when I saw
numerous teenagers enter a building called the Chinese Community
Centre. Curiosity got the best of me as I made my way towards the
building. I asked a girl what was going on and she told me that
applications for volunteering at the Chinese Community Centre were
open. After hearing what she just said, I felt a sense of excitement
because this was a chance for me to give back to my community. I have
been looking for a community service opportunity for a long time.
Immediately, I requested an application to volunteer at the Chinese
Community Centre. Eventually, I found myself volunteering at the
Chinese Community Centre on the weekends.

At the Chinese Community Centre, I would teach young kids how to draw. I
have always loved drawing. I draw whenever I have spare time. Being
able to share my drawing techniques with the kids not only made them
happy, but I felt happy too. I learned that sharing is one of the
most important things in life. By sharing, we are revolutionizing the
world by introducing new ideas. I was impressed with the kids’
artistic abilities. Their creativity enabled them to form images that
I have never seen in my life. They were able to incorporate what I
taught them into their own ideas. The kids even taught me new things.
For instance, one of the kids shared with me his technique of
blending colors. By interacting with this kid, I learned new ways of
combining certain colors together to produce unique artworks.

Volunteering allowed me to put myself in a teacher’s shoes. I learned that as a
teacher, it is indispensable to create an environment where everyone
feels comfortable and respected. Being in the same environment with
the kids made all my worries go away. My experience at the Chinese
Community Centre made me realize how much I enjoy being a teacher. I
felt really content to see the radiant smiles on the kids’ faces
whenever they would draw. Not only did I help the kids enhance their
knowledge, but I made special bonds and wonderful memories with them.
I learned that teachers do not stop learning new things. Teachers
grow with the kids.

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