Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Appreciating Blessings

Name: Jordan Malik Walker
From: Atlanta , Georgia
Grade: 11th
School: KIPP Atlanta Collegiate
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Walker 8/30/16


I have been greatly appreciative of the opportunity to volunteer in
this great city of Atlanta, Georgia and worldwide as well. I have
volunteered on community projects, high school athletics, and in
orphanages. I chose these different projects because I had an
interest with them, and I believed they would have a lasting impact
on my community. In my worldwide travels, I have put in over 80 hours
of work for two orphanages in South Africa and in Trinidad and
Tobago. In my projects back home, I have put in over 80 hours in
community service projects. I’ve done projects for assisted living
facilities, schools, and for environmental friendly organizations as

My responsibilities as a volunteer were to help move donated furniture
from one school to another. Also I was the scorekeeper and operated
the scoreboard at the varsity boys and girls basketball games at my
high school. In my high school’s marching band, we tour different
cities and countries around the world every spring. In South Africa,
I helped out with cleaning and yard work, and in Trinidad I played
with the kids at the orphanage. My biggest challenge as a volunteer
is to make a positive situation out of the negative one. With those
children at the orphanages, I was constantly reminded that their
parents were dead or the kids were abandoned and left to die. So
everyday I was there I gave the kids a reason to smile.

One of the things that has given me the most satisfaction is seeing the
smile on those children’s faces while I was playing with them and
helping them with certain tasks around the orphanage. That feeling is
one of the best in the whole world and that’s one of the reasons
that make volunteering worth all the work.The lessons I have learned
from being a volunteer is that to be respectful, kind, and also
understand that the position I am in is a blessing.My position is a
chance to share with people or other plants or anything else this
blessing in any way I can.

I believe the activities I have completed are “Forward Looking”
because I can aspire and maybe inspire kids my age, and some younger
than me, to take the opportunity to give back to their community. I
believe the word or term “Forward Looking” means that my actions
can lay a direct path for more opportunities to come along. One of
things I was looking forward to changing with my actions as a
volunteer is child abandonment and starvation.

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