Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Change for a Change

Name: Chase Delaine Kyles
From: Houston, Texas
Grade: 11th
School: North Shore Senior High
Votes: 0

Giving back to the community that I live in is an essential tool to becoming
a better individual in today’s society. Being able to assist those
who are less fortunate is very imperative to me as a person. I’ve
chosen homelessness as the area in which I volunteer in. Knowing that
they sometimes go days without eating saddens me deeply. Annually, I
volunteer for 64 hours. My responsibilities as a volunteer requires
me to make sure that I try to make someone who is less fortunate
smile. That is solely my objective. Whether it is giving them a drink
and a snack, or passing out toiletries, knowing that I had an
opportunity to impact someone’s life gives me a feeling of enjoyment.

 Throughout my years of volunteering, I have come across some individuals who
have had it pretty rough. At times, I have gotten a bit emotional
because of some of the stories that were shared with me. That was my
biggest challenge as a volunteer. From my volunteer position, I’ve
learned how to be extremely grateful. Anything could happen to my
family and I, and it could all be gone tomorrow.

Forward looking” means always moving forward and never looking back at the
past; making plans now for the betterment of the future. You cannot
change the past, so why dwell on it? Choosing not to move on from
past occasions, oversights and disappointments is not undesirable.
The past can keep you down in life, hurt your present and destroy
your future. Although it’s common to be on edge about the things that
happened before, you can use it as motivation and momentum for your
“forward looking” mindset.

I seek change when volunteering. When trying to change the lives of
others, I try to recruit other individuals to volunteer with me.
Whether if its one or five, I will forever be satisfied knowing that
I am spreading awareness. I were to come back in ten years, I do
believe that my volunteer activities would have made a difference.
Prior to those ten years, just the uplifting conversation that I once
had with a homeless person could have encouraged them to try and get
on their feet. Sometimes, that is all a person needs.

In all, the world isn’t impeccable, and not very many of the general
population in it are. Sudden catastrophes fall on the most all around
arranged lives. A great many people, with a tad bit of help when they
are most defenseless, can recoup from calamity.

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