Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Circle Of Life

Name: Gabrielle Mills
From: mason, Michigan
Grade: 11th
School: Mason High School
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Gabrielle Mills

Of life

In the last 2 years or so I volunteered at the Circle Of Life program at
the Ingham County Fair. I choose this program to volunteer for
because I love interacting with little kids along with animals and
teaching kids about animals and all of the things that they do. You
are with a group of people and you volunteer 4-8 hours a day at the
fair. When you volunteer at the Circle Of Life program your job is to
help little kids out in seeing how the process of life works with
chickens among other animals. You sit with them and you let them
touch the chickens and you tell them about what chickens do. There
are also cows and lambs among other things. Your job is to interact
with the kids and adults so that they have fun and learn new things
about farm life first hand. My biggest challenge as a volunteer has
been when no one is in the circle of life barn and you just sit there
and you can’t really do anything. When I have no one at my area I
let the chickens rest and I will go check on the other animals and
give them water or whatever else they may need. The most satisfying
thing about being a volunteer is that you get to put smiles on
people’s faces when they see that there are people out there still
willing to do things like this. It’s satisfying to see some kids
that have never even seen a farm animal be able to touch one that is
right in front of them. I am satisfied with volunteering in general.
I have tried volunteering in other places but was not quiet old
enough. I am getting excited because now I am reaching the age where
I can volunteer almost anywhere I would like to. One thing that you
learn about when you volunteer is that there are so many people out
there in the world that don’t get to see a lot of things that you
do. Another thing that most people don’t realize is that a lot of
programs you would not think run off of volunteerism actually do.
Most of the programs that are around have volunteers running most of
the things that go on. Volunteering has brought a better aspect to my
life. It has showed me that not everyone gets chances like some other
people do. Volunteering is a big part of my life. Now that I am going
into my senior year, my school puts on a senior work day. It’s a
day that seniors get together and clean up parks. I am going to
volunteer my school day and help clean up the parks to make them a
cleaner and better place. In conclusion, my experiences that I have
had when volunteering have given me a better outlook on life, and
what is really important.

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