Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Community service

Name: Hanna Mackenzie Farley
From: Murrieta , California
Grade: junior high school
School: Vista Murrieta High School
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Forward Scholarship Essay

I have chosen to volunteer at a dance studio. I chose this because I myself am a
dancer and I love to work with children. Helping out my teacher and
helping the kids express themselves through dance just gives me such
joy. I love to help people become better at what they love. When my
dance teacher was not able to make it to class I was able to take
over and put matters into my own hands. It gave me a sense of
leadership skills being able to take control of the situation. I
volunteered once a week for a year. I would come in every wednesday
to my dance studio and assist three classes. My first class consisted
of the minis which was the ages 3-5. My next class is from the age
6-9. And finally the last class consisted of 9-12 year olds. Working
with all different types of age groups was a challenge because they
are so little but it was a great experience. My responsibilities as a
volunteer was to make sure the dancers were stretched and ready to
dance. I also had to make sure they remembered their dances and had
them perfected. Working with the younger ones was more challenging
because it took them longer to remember their dances but it helped me
with patience and how to work with them even more. My biggest
challenge as a volunteer is gaining control of the children’s trust
and having them give me their full attention. This was hard because
some of them were at the age where they were starting to get sassy
and stubborn, but just working with them more and more they started
to respect me more which was a great accomplishment for me. After the
kids started to respect me going to class and teaching them became
easier and a more exciting time. The best satisfaction from
volunteering was the leadership skills I gained. Ever since that I
have been able to work with children better and people my age and up.
It helped me with my communication skills and how to handle
situations in a more mature manner. I was able to take these skills
and use them on the current dance team I am. I have also been able to
become a better teacher to people which is a great accomplishment to
me. What I learned from my volunteer position is that you need to be
more patient and helpful with people. Sometimes you just need to slow
things down and go slower in order to get the greatest outcome. I see
my volunteer work as forward looking because it has shaped me into a
more mature person. Forward looking to me how you can look back and
see what has made you into the person you are and how it affected
your future. My volunteer work truly helped me learn many skills. I
would advise anyone to do volunteer work because of the outcome.

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