Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Community Volunteerism

Name: Timothy Murton
From: Windham, Ohio
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Windham, Ohio is a small, rural, low-income community in Northeast Ohio. The school and town are small. Resources are not abundant. There is a group of students ranging from Elementary to High School age who have formed a community volunteer organization called, The Squad. The Squad provides service to any community or school organization that requires assistance. I am the Co-President of this organization.

I was chosen to be part of The Squad at its inception when I was in the third grade. Since then members of The Squad, including myself, have assisted in providing community dinners, sponsoring clothing drives, chaperoning elementary dances and providing manpower for the local Renaissance Family Center . We have also provided assistance for
many local fundraisers and monthly food giveaways at our local food pantry. Teachers can call for assistance for activities including setting up the football fields for the high school and pee-wee football league. I have helped ready teaching supplies for the local Head Start program. We recently used profits from bake sales and donation requests to feed over 140 needy members of the community at the monthly community dinner.

I chose to continue in The Squad as I have grown into my high school years. I see a need for additional resources for the families in my community. My community is so small that all of the organizations must use the same resource pool. Those that can, give generously so all of the local organizations, school teams and clubs can function.It means that we all have to work closely together. I work with the advisor to choose our volunteer activities and co-ordinate the events. As Co-President, I am often there from setup to clean up, however many hours that may be. Hours are measured yearly. My hours
have measured in the hundreds for the last three years. Our community is so small, I see a need for us to all do our part to make our community successful. My biggest accomplishment is feeling that I have been an example for younger students to chose volunteering. I hope that they can see how much fun we have while we help those around us. The biggest challenge is getting funding for our events. We have done bake sales and gone outside of the community for donations of money, products and food to feed the community and continue to provide assistance to community programs.

My future plans involve continuing to provide help to others by pursuing a career in medicine. I plan to return to my community to volunteer as a physician for the high school football team. I want to continue to give back to the community where I grew up. I hope that The Squad will still be here in the coming years. I hope that future generations will see how important it is to the community and will continue what we started 8 years ago. Community volunteerism benefits
everyone in the community. All for one and one for all.

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