Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Engage Youth Change Lives

Name: Asid Mehmood
Grade: 11
School: River City High School
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            Think back to an individual or many individuals that had impacted your lives and changed it for the better or worse. Now, think of today’s youth and how you can change their tomorrow. Change is eminent; therefore, one should strive to make it for the better. By engaging in one’s youth, you can change their lives immensely. Our youth is our future; consequently, we need to provide them with the tools they will need for success. Engaging the young will create a positive change in the world, so later when they encounter tough decisions, they will have the correct tools and mindset to overcome them. Reach out to make a difference. It all starts with one person, one step at a time. Engage youth … change lives.

           Many people amongst all age groups are overweight or obese. Thus, they have many health problems to deal with, such as asthma, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, and much more. Even if they do not have these in their youth, they may be developing them as we speak due to unhealthy choices. Engaging youngsters to become conscious of their health is a prospect we all must undertake. However, parents are not alone on their task to encourage their children to make positive choices and develop healthy habits. But how do we get the youngsters to listen and understand?! Developing programs they can relate to is one of many ways to engage youth. There are numerous programs to assist children in this process, and there are many ways to contribute into these programs. In the commercials of kid’s programs, organizations such as play60, encourage youth to play and have fun at least sixty minutes a day. Many athletic role models are spokespersons for this organization, and the youth take their advice to heart. Volunteering, or even words of encouragement, can make a positive impact on the men and women of tomorrow.

Many children today are staring at screens, whether it is a computer, television, phones, or a Nintendo screen. They are addicted to these devices. I encourage all of you to mention a title of a movie or name of an actor to a young one; many would definitely know who or what you are talking about. However, if you mentioned a title of a book or name of an author, most would be clueless. If we encourage youth to limit their exposure to technology and indulge in physical activity, many of our health-related problems can be resolved. My personal experiences in participating in sports have also given me an immense sense of accomplishment and confidence in anything I attempt to do. My parents’ and my coach’s confidence in my abilities and words of encouragement have had a positive impact on me in all aspects of my life. Thus, I know firsthand the impact it has and want to encourage others to positively engage youth in participating in sports.

            Their youth is the best time to act, to change them for the better. Providing the youth with a good foundation should be a larger
priority than it is today because this is when they start to develop their character and figure out who they really are. This requires
others to invest more time in the youth. Although the task may seem difficult and even impossible, if you positively engage even three
individuals and tell them to help three others, it can start a chain reaction that will eventually touch many youth, changing their lives.
We must show youth we care, so they care for others. Empathy is dying in this era, and we must bring it back to society. Our youth can
learn from the experience and knowledge the elderly can offer.

             One often questions if the youth of today will ever become the elderly of tomorrow. Thousands of individuals have shortened their lives by drinking, doing drugs, or engaging in other harmful activities. Youth must be encouraged to avoid these dangers, which can affect the quality of their lives and their health. There should be more youth involved in spreading and understanding this message because most youth listen to their peers and are impacted by them more than any other influence.

             The positive influences throughout my life have motivated me to do well in my education and look towards a positive future. I intend to incorporate college, a career, and a deep desire to contribute back to society into my future. I want to positively impact a young one’s life because I know my efforts will not go in vain. Since I am a teenager myself, I understand the obstacles other youth encounter;
therefore, I believe I can make a difference in someone’s life. Youth should encourage other youth, as this in turn will help themselves.
When I was on the football team in eighth grade, high school students volunteered to assist our coach to help us. Now, when I am in high school, I go to assist the coach in helping the new football players. So, you can see, it is a chain reaction in which one person helps
another and that person helps someone else. We can help one person, one city, one country, and eventually, one generation. The youth of
today are the men and women of tomorrow. They are our future firefighters, teachers, doctors, and they will contribute back to
society, back to the youth of tomorrow.

Engage youth … change lives.

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