Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Fight against hunger

Name: Starr Ramirez
From: Fort Worth, Texas
Grade: Junior
School: R.L. Paschal
Votes: 0

In past years I have volunteered at different areas like running events, festivals and food banks the area that is my favorite is food banks. The reason I have picked this volunteering area is because it’s upsetting that there are people in the world who go without food. By helping out at food banks it makes me feel better that the people who show up will have enough food for a while. Not having to worry about if they will eat or not the next day and so on.

The food bank that I volunteer at is once a month on a Saturday which last for about 5 hours. Before we even started letting people in we have to set up tables and lay out the food items we have for them. What I normally do is I show up before to help set up and they always put me at the front of the line to say hello and explain how it works to the ones who show up. The biggest change of volunteering is making sure that everyone gets the same amount of food as the person before them. Also when they are not enough people volunteering and there’s a huge line of people waiting for food. Although beside that the best thing about volunteering is seeing how grateful everyone is. From this experience I have learned to become grateful for everything that I have because not everyone has that.

            However, my volunteer choice somewhat has to do with my interest in my future career of nursing. The way it does that is by making sure everyone is okay and gets enough food to eat. It improves my helping skills and caring for others in a way through volunteering at a food bank. So that one day when I do become a nurse I know how to talk to people to help them out the best way I can.

Now to me this activity is looking forward in eliminating hunger around the community in some way so that at some point there won’t be as many people going without food. Looking forward meaning finding the greater good in what we’re doing to help resolve this problem. I hope by volunteering at this food bank that others decided to take part in this process to fight hunger. Hopefully in about ten years the percentage of people who are in need or food goes down. I truly believe that if this will make a difference so that maybe one-day world hunger would be eliminated completely.

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