Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Heaven on Earth

Name: Jordan D. Harris
From: Stone Mountain , Georgia
Grade: Currently in the 12th grade
School: Stephenson High School
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The less fortunate are the most interesting people that you can ever help out in your lifetime. The key to keeping an outstanding character is by participating in events that involve you to use your skills for a good purpose. Sure people use their skills to participate in sports like football, soccer, basketball, and all them good stuff, but you never hear the youth using their skills for voluntary work. Voluntary work would include food drives, donating blood, and community services. Like me, I used my skills to participate in soup kitchens in my city. Soup kitchens taught me that to never take anything for
granite because most people don’t have the life you live.

When I participated in my first soup kitchen event, it was an interesting experience on my behalf. Being able to see various amounts of homeless people at one place is very sad, and it taught me that I am blessed to have a family that had to sacrifice many things in order for me to be in this world with a place to sleep and food given to me everyday. Even though I didn’t participate in many due to school, I tried to get in at least 15 hours a week to the soup kitchen. My position in the soup kitchen was a greeter and a server. I didn’t serve the food to the people due to the fact they came up there and got their own food, instead I just made sure that they were full enough before they left the facility. Seeing their face with a smile let me know that I did a excellent service to each one of them.

The biggest challenge as a volunteer in my perspective was making sure that the homeless had enough to eat. Some of the people in the soup kitchen would be nervous to ask for more food because they felt like they were being very greedy. I encounter many situations where the people wouldn’t speak up and eventually starve because they didn’t have enough food. When this happened, I would grab their hand and take them back up to the counter, so they can get some more food.
Although, I brought them up there, they wouldn’t speak so I had to speak for them. When I sat them back at the table and see them eating the food I gave to them, they would bless their food with a smile on their face. Those moments are so satisfying as a volunteer because you know you help them in a situation they wasn’t strong enough to do by their self.

Long story short, being a volunteer teach you wise things that you will need in the future. So looking toward the future, I can see this activity becoming a worldwide interaction for the youth. “Forward looking”, I hope to see teens around my age participate in community services in order to benefit the society, and especially the people that live their.

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