Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Helping Kids

Name: Jeffery Nwosu
From: Houston, Texas
Grade: 12
School: Westbury High School
Votes: 1

Never in my wildest dreams would I have even begun to imagine that community service could be such a rewarding experience. As the
oldest child I never had the opportunity of having someone that could help me with my homework, play with me and help me when I needed something. My parents once in a while could help me with homework, but once we moved to the United States I was definitely on my own considering my parents didn’t know the way they taught English here, to help me. From this moment forward, I can say I’m very proud of myself for being where I am now without any help throughout my school years. Yet, I know I could have done better with the help of someone. I figured with the opportunity to do community service, I could take advantage of this situation and choose something that would help kids with whatever they needed and maybe even play with them if I had the chance.

Looking through the long list of places to do community service, the YMCA Child Care Center caught my attention. I knew this was going to be a great choice but I didn’t think it could make such an impact in my life. This child care is an educational and fun place for kids after school to stay at while their parents get off of work. They have a certain schedule where they eat snacks, do their homework, go to a Zumba class, play outside and other activities. I had the pleasure of meeting a group of wonderful little kids. It
is nice getting to know 
every kid since they all have their own distinct personality. I have been volunteering at the YMCA Child Care Center every Saturdays for 2-3 hours from June to August 2016. Within the first week of me being there as soon as they walked in they would give me a hug to greet me. When they needed help with their homework or to tie their shoe they would come running to me to
ask for help with whatever they needed. They made me feel good because I was someone they looked up to and I had the ability to
help them with anything they needed. At first I had my doubts about doing community service here because I am a very impatient
person especially when it comes to kids. I didn’t think I could be around so many kids for so long. Yet, the love and respect this kids
showed me helped me become a better and more patient person with them and all other kids in my personal life. Every day I looked forward to going to the YMCA and spending time with these kids, helping, dancing Zumba, and playing games with them. They always made me smile and be happy to be there with them.

Community service became not only something I had to do but something I enjoyed doing. It helped me understand that I don’t have to
do things just to get something back like in my case was money for college but because I enjoy helping others any way possible. If
any of these kids at the child care or any one period needed help I would love to help them even if it meant I didn’t get anything in return.

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