Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Hope Chinese

Name: Xinjie Xia
From: Vienna, VA
Grade: 11
School: Oakton High School
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name is Xinjie Xia, and I am currently a senior at Oakton High
School. I have serviced as a teacher assistance at Hope Chinese
School in Annandale during my freshmen year and my sophomore year. I
found this opportunity while I wa registering for my brother’s
Chinese class. I thought of giving it a try, so I contacted the
sponsor Mingjie Wang. At first I was just a simple teacher assistance
for a fifth grade class. I do homework checks on the students, keep
the class in order, and clean up after students leave. Until one day,
the teacher didn’t show up and the parents were all mad. Even though
the office was contacting Mr. Zhu but they couldn’t reach him so
they didn’t know what to do. I stood up in front of the classroom
and start writing the lesson on the board including vocabularies and
example sentences for the grammar check. I was sure of my ability,
and I knew I could handle this. Usually the Chinese parents complain
about teacher assistants because we are not real teachers so we
couldn’t teach. But what I have done really made an impression and
surprise on them. So, the second year I became the captain of all the
T.As. Now, my job is making sure all T.As show up and arrange rooms
for them two weeks ahead so they know where to go. I also have made a
sign-in sheet and required all the T.As to sign-in in the cafeteria
before or after they attend the class. Sometimes I would be
responsible for donation or community service programs that adult
parents wanted the school to participate in. I also made an end of
the year party for the T.As to appreciate the hard works they have
done. It was a really successful year. I had received my
certification of 70 hours of services at the school. The most
satisfaction that volunteering provided with was the feeling of
helping others made me happy. I have practiced many different
leadership positions and gained more life experiences through helping
the community and activities that this program can provide me with. I
will not let go of any changes, at least I will try to hold onto the
chances that are being provided to me. I want the future world to be
fill of volunteers that can use their abilities to help others that
are struggling in life. Rather physically or emotionally. If time
would go back, I just wished that I had volunteered more because it’s
a good thing to do.

matter what activities that I participate in, whether for community
or myself; I will always get something out of it. Frederick Douglass
once said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” I
always remind of myself of this quote whenever I need encouragement.

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