Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – How Community Service helped me realize my future

Name: Christian Karim
From: Orlando , FL
Grade: 11
School: Timber Creek High School
Votes: 0

The area I chose to volunteer in was helping the Information Technology department at my school over the summer, Information Technology has been a field that I strive to major in and have been interested in since middle school. I worked on average 3-5 hours every day learning about the field I want to major in. I had many responsibilities as a volunteer
at the school, at first I set up computers, teacher computers and teacher smart boards, and eventually moved on to setting up all the student laptops that were shipped in that year and setting them all up on the schools network, along with distributing the laptops to the kids and getting students set up with their new school laptops, but by far the best thing was being able to watch people who specialize in my desired field work working on things that would otherwise be behind the scenes and inaccessible to a student. As a volunteer my biggest challenge was trying to keep up with the people in the IT
department who have been working there for so long, and at first it was hard to work to my full capacity but as I become more comfortable with the technology I was able to output better quality and faster work. As a volunteer the most satisfying thing is seeing what I worked so hard on all summer to come into fruition, and to see every student using the laptops I worked hard to make sure were all up and working properly. From my volunteer position I got a small taste of what it’s like to work in my preferred field for my future, and even though I only scratched the surface of what the job is I want to learn more and work harder to move up and learn more about the field of Information Technology. Looking into the future this experience is what has sparked a passion inside of me for the Information Technology field, and at my school I can see the difference I made when I see students using their laptops and having a better work ethic because of it. Me coming back in 10 years from now I think my volunteering while not being recognized did help, because this is the first year that the school has used this technology and having more people working on it to make it work helps a lot in the overall goal of getting the technology set up.

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