Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Importance of Giving Back

Name: Jaclyn Lafayette Batts
From: Washington, District of Columbia
Grade: Freshman College
School: Howard University
Votes: 68

Importance of Giving Back

What sets people apart from others is their values. Volunteering and giving back is a value that makes a difference and influences others. By giving back to the community, you are demonstrating selflessness, in that you care about people, and whatever matter you feel strongly about that you want to make a difference in. My difference in the world I value is poverty alleviation. The efforts HU Swipes have volunteered in such as homeless kitchens and food drives is just a beginning.

HU Swipes( Howard University Swipe Out Hunger), is a non profit organization at Howard University which focuses their efforts on children and less fortunate families. As Chairman of Donations, my responsibilities include proposing fundraisers and events for the club, counting donations, and organizing donations. I am always volunteering weekly, checking up on how our fundraisers are coming along, biweekly meetings with the club, and offering help elsewhere with other volunteering events on and off campus.

My most memorable community service event was when HU Swipes volunteered at a local soup kitchen named SOME (So Others Might Eat) in Washington, D.C. We served those who came in, accommodated them, and cleaned up afterwards. What brought a smile to my face was knowing that those who came in hungry, were leaving with full stomachs and did not have to worry about how they were going to eat that night. I also enjoyed interacting with those who came in, because a lot of people forget that they are humans as well. They tend to be treated as less than because of their financial standing. This humbling experience motivated me to start my
own Holiday food drive with my organization.

With starting my food drive, I have learned how to balance my time wisely with my school work, which was a challenge. I would often get too occupied with homework and studying, that I never had time or energy to volunteer. Now, I developed a schedule with designated times I can study, work, and volunteer. I look forward in using the drive I have to make a difference in poverty in America to not only alleviate hunger and homelessness around my community, but to influence others to be engaged as well. By receiving this scholarship, I hope to not only aid my education, but future projects and events for my organization to help a child or family in need.

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