Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Improving Life: One Animal at a Time

Name: Alyssa Shepard
From: Newport, New Hampshire
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I started volunteering at my local humane society in 2014, with the
main goal of earning community service hours. I would hold the
shelter open twice a week, for two hours each day. Visitors would
come to play with the cats and some people would think about
adopting. As I continued working at the shelter, I started to learn
of the other things the shelter did, and I started to go to their
events. One of these events goes on for 8 hours, all the volunteers
join in along with a veterinarian and her technician to spay and
neuter 50 or more cats. It occurs once or twice a month, I have gone
to every single one that I could since I was introduced to it. This
is where my goal to go to college for veterinary technology started
to bloom. I love working with all the volunteers that have the same
passion as I do. I love seeing all the different animals at the
different occasions. During the clinics where we fixed the cats, I
learned all the different jobs and currently I work at the highest
position someone can here, I work beside the vet tech and do her job
with her doing the preparations for the surgery. I also know how to
do vaccines, blood draw, intubation, nail trimming and flea/mite

I began volunteering here because I loved animals, now I volunteer to
learn and get more experience. I plan to graduate from high school
and get into a phenomenal college where I can follow my goals to
learn veterinary technology. When I finish college I will find the
dream that I can hopefully love for the rest of my life. I see this
view point as “forward looking” because I am not thinking about
now, I am thinking about the my future, and when I think about
“forward thinking” I think of positivity and achievements. I hope
that through my actions, more people will volunteer at their local
humane society, because no matter what, they could always use the
help. And if people aren’t inspired to volunteer, I hope they will
want to at least adopt an animal in need. I have told so many people
about my activities when ever the opportunity presents itself, and I
always will- so when I go back in the future I sincerely hope that I
made a change and an impact upon the shelter life. I hope the
business grows so more homeless animals can be taken in and different
kinds of animals too!

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