Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – In search of a passion

Name: Luis Ulloa
From: Carson, California
Grade: 11 (12th 2016-2017)
School: Carson High School
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I volunteer in my community through clubs and organizations in my school such as the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) and Key Club. Since each club focuses on local volunteer opportunities, I have volunteered in a variety of events as opposed to one single
focus. I chose to do this over an animal shelter, a church, or any other specific activity because I wished to help my community in as
many ways as possible while experiencing something new each time. From volunteering at the LA Marathon to AIDS Walk LA to tutoring at the local elementary, there is variety in the areas I have chosen to volunteer and each event has had its own great and unique

I have been volunteering since my junior year of high school, accumulating about 50 hours since then. Although I have put much time
into volunteering in a variety of areas, one event was particularly memorable—AIDS Walk LA. I remember walking the 5k with Key Club, all geared up in our pink division regalia, chanting spirit cheers and starting spirit battles with other divisions of the club. It was
an amazing experience and the best satisfaction as a volunteer there was seeing the enthusiasm of everyone in support of such a great
cause. I learned that community service isn’t busy work, it isn’t boring either; it is what you make it and that day we made it a
genuine, fun experience.

My broad volunteer focus is, in a way, aligned with my career goals and interests, considering that I am still undecided in my college major. I have always been told to do what I love and volunteering in a variety of areas is my way of finding that passion. Therefore, to me, “forward looking” is about looking forward to the future with an open mindset and a broad view. My volunteer activities reflect this
pursuit of a genuine passion but are rooted in my hopes to better my community. Looking back many years from now, I believe my activities will have ‘made a difference’ since they were not by myself alone, but as a group, as a club, and as a family. By being part of
the family and participating, I helped spread awareness, and hopefully, inspired others to join and carry on the family tradition.

Ultimately, I have volunteered in a variety of areas in hopes of helping my community in as many ways as possible while gaining valuable, broad experience. My participation in these events through organizations has helped promote community service as a club, as a family, and as a society—allowing the spirit of volunteerism to live on.

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