Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – In the Shelves

Name: Fiona Kathleen Short
From: Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
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Fiona Short


I decided to volunteer at my former elementary school, St. Andrew’s Catholic School to help out the teachers, and especially in the library. I chose to do this because I want to pursue a career in social work and so I want to get acquainted with kids as soon as possible. Starting in 10th grade I went there twice a week for 2 hours after school. My responsibilities as a volunteer were to help the kids find books and watch over them, in addition to the librarian and then to clean up after the kids had left as well as some filing/labeling. My biggest challenge as a volunteer was going even when I didn’t feel well or I had a lot of homework but knowing that I had that responsibility. There were also times where I couldn’t go out with friends because
I had to volunteer and even though that was hard sometimes it was work it. What’s given me the most satisfaction is working with the kids and just spending time with them, if there was any doubt that I wanted to help kids it went away after this experience. Through this position I have learned responsibility and that I can handle a career as a social work, and the workload that I will have in college.

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