Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Join in the Fight to Crush Cancer

Name: Sydney Negrette
From: Redlands , California
Grade: 11
School: Citrus Valley High School
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Fellowship Scholarship Essay 2016

For coming up on four years now, I have dedicated much of my time volunteering in the Cancer Center at the Loma Linda University in
Loma Linda, California. The focus of this institution is to treat cancer patients and help mitigate any pains that accompany the disease, while simultaneously vigorously researching to discover a cure. I volunteer there almost every Friday from three to five pm, resulting in a total of over two hundred hours spent. Many responsibilities come with volunteering at such a renowned establishment; I have assisted doctors in various labs involving cancer research, inputted data for the cancer patient registry, and helped organize and run certain events in honor of cancer patients.
One of my biggest challenges thus far was when I was assisting in a lung cancer research lab because it was my task to look up the
precise procedure each patient had performed on them; any slip up on my part could have voided the research results. What I find most
satisfactory is seeing the smile on a patient’s face when they attend events that are in honor of them and their fellow cancer patients or survivors. This has led me to learn that I love lending my voice to bigger projects that will bring joy to others in the end.

To me, “forward looking” is taking advantage of an experience and seeing if it is something you would like to make a career of and
pursue in the future. I hope to make the world a better place by continuing to research cancer findings and publishing the results,
and hopefully making a dramatic difference in cancer patient’s lives by putting an end to the disease forever.

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