Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Love and Passion

Name: Jamaiyla Cloud-Reed
From: Cincinnati, OH
Grade: college freshman
School: School for Creative and Performing Arts
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Love and Passion

To me, volunteering is something you want to do, and something you should enjoy. It is also a great way to give back, and meet new
individuals around your community every day. I am now a freshman in college at, NKU. Majoring in Music, minoring in business. I graduated from the School for Creative and Performing Arts. I started volunteering in the 6
th grade. When I was 14, I was a Jr. Coach for a cheerleading team, and for 6 years I was mainly an usher and house manager for my school’s productions. At that time, I was majoring in Harp and Lighting Design. So if I was not performing in the show, I was working it. The jobs I had to do were, stuffing programs greeting and seating guests, and working in the box office. Throughout all of my high-school years, I was a part of Student Council. With this commitment came, being in charge of homecoming and prom, organizing class trips, helping out with meetings, involving myself in community service projects, and being in charge of senior showcase.

Up until senior year to today, I have volunteered for events around the city. Such as, A Kid Again, Bunbury Music Festival, Lumenocity,
volunteering and performing at the public library, Debutant events, Cincy Wine and Food Festival, ushering at the Aronoff Center, and
volunteering for many other events. You can definitely say it is a passion of mine. I believe I am at my best when I am running around,
seating people, organizing, and being involved in hectic crowds. I have met some amazing people along the way. When volunteering, I feel like theirs always a positive, uplifting, and enjoyable vibe/spirit when I’m doing my volunteer work. It brings out my best
personality, and just being around awesome, hard-working, and dedicated people like myself, It just makes the job more interesting.

One of my favorite events that I have volunteered for was, A Kid Again. AKA, is an organization that gives, “fun-filled adventures to allow children with life threatening illnesses to feel like a kid again.” I volunteered for their Christmas party two years ago, which they
throw every year, and it was amazing. I was a Santa Helper, where I made sure that every child got a picture with Santa, and I also
served food to families. It was so jaw dropping for me because, they put their events together so precisely and neat, there was not one
flaw, or misconception I could point out. I enjoyed how organized they were, and the joy I received from it. Another favorite of mine
was, Lumenocity. This is an event that the, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra puts on every year. The reason for its name, is because
they hire an awesome lighting designer, to make the lights do amazing things during the performance. And boy, do I enjoy a good light show. The CSO performed one of my favorite orchestra pieces from,
West Side Story, and I was flipping out. My job was to pass out programs, and seat guest, (which is something I know very well). To finish my essay, I guess you could say I volunteer a lot, maybe a little too much, but I love it. I like to experience my surroundings, and all of the different types of people that come with it. One day, I hope to do one of those awesome abroad volunteer trips, and see another side of the world. I love what I do, and it has done some good for me too.

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