Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Make The World A Better Place By Volunteering

Name: Kathryn Bellavance
From: Dayville, ct
Grade: junior
School: Killingly High School
Votes: 0

Make The World A Better Place By Volunteering

I started volunteering at a young age. During the summer while I was in grade school, I would volunteer at the nursing home in our town. I would sit with the residents, play games or do crafts. To me it did not seem like a big deal. When you look at the smile on their faces, they would tell you differently. I would volunteer every week for four to five hours. I did this for many summers. During my first year in high school, I decided that I wanted to do something to help animals. I searched my area and found a local no kill animal shelter for cats. It is called Kitty Harbor. I would go there on Saturday mornings. I would clean the kennels, cat dishes, wash the floors and my favorite part was socializing with the kittens and cats.

It did make me sad to see all the unwanted cats and the stories of how they came to Kitty Harbor. I saw how devoted the people where who ran the shelter and volunteered. Their greatest challenge besides money was the desire to find forever homes for the cats. I did that for about six months. For the last couple of years, I am volunteering at The Mustard Seed Farm in Rhode Island. My love of horses led me to this special place. The Mustard Seed Farm is a non- profit organization that provides equine-assisted programs for children and adults. I volunteer every Sunday and during the summer on Wednesdays also. My job is to clean, water, feed and give love to the horses. They provide programs for disabled people and for veterans coming home after war. It is truly remarkable to see how these people connect with the horses and the bond they build. I am a senior in high school and will continue to volunteer while in college. I also have built a special bond with the horses and other volunteers. We face many challenges as a non- profit but we are all committed to continue volunteering. I know the impact Mustard Seed has with the clients and I will continue to do my little part in helping the world be a better place.


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