Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Making an Impact

Name: Pedro Flores
From: Laredo, Texas
Grade: 11th
School: Pedro Flores
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an Impact

Homelessness is really important because every day there is people losing their homes, and even dying from hunger due to the fact that they do not have a house. Helping the community is really important to me because it is where I grew up, and I feel I have to give back to it. I have been to the Bethany House in the past years, that really showed me that I should value everything I have. This is a place where people without home go and get help from the community. At this Bethany House event we took pizzas candies and games to play with the little kids. We ended up having less children than expected so we had an abundant amount of pizza and juice left over. My peers and I went outside and started handing out the pizza and juice to the homeless. That was an eye opening experience; these people were so thankful for one slice of pizza, they were brought to tears by receiving a meal. Ever since I have tried to go back to the Bethany House and help out ever since.I plan to do something similar with my classmates where we go and volunteer, so it can really open their eyes to what they have and they value more what they have.

I have been volunteering since my sophomore year of high school. That year I volunteered with Relay for Life, and it was a really fun experience. Seen how everyone does not give up keep on fighting against Cancer.

My Junior year was when I volunteered with the Bethany House. This same year I helped at an event called Feast of Sharing, this is an event held by H.E.B. during Thanksgiving. In this event food is served to celebrate Thanksgiving, it is mostly for low income families but everyone is welcomed. This year I have volunteered with my school.

For me the biggest challenge when volunteering was knowing how to handle situations. No one is really going to completely know how someone loses their home or their job. That is why I think you should be careful when talking to this people.

I feel really satisfied when helping because it is a really heart warming experience. When I was at the Bethany House my Junior year of high school was the most satisfactory. After handing out the pizza and the juices to the homeless and seen how thankful they were brought my peers and I to tears.

Volunteering is really important because you should give back to the community, so you can show you are a contributing member of society.

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