Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Mathamatics Moves the World

Name: Percy Clarence Bean III
From: Battle Creek, Michigan
Grade: 11
School: Lakeview High School
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Moves the World

One of the most unchallenged difficult subjects in grade school is math.
Like most students I struggled with math at first, but as I got older
I began to like math more and more.That is why
have chosen to volunteer my time as a tutor for local children at the
middle school math level. I specifically choose to help middle school
students with their math, because I remember junior high being the
pivotal moment in my education when I discovered I truly like math.
On average I volunteer about ten hours a week helping kids in the
library or cafeteria after school.

Honestly, my responsibilities are not ambiguous as a volunteer tutoring kids. I
simply do my best to help them in math. I take my responsibilities
personal, and my biggest challenge as a volunteer is finding
different approaches to help people become passionate about math. The
reason i started volunteering is because I was passionate about
making math just as fun for other people as it is for me. I remember
the time when I felt the most satisfaction and it was seeing the
people that I had helped become successful and finally start seeing a
change in their grades. After tutoring all through high school, one
of the things that I have learned is that everyone learns
differently & that preparation is necessary to being successful.

I see my dedication to supporting math as being forward looking,
because math is becoming more and more important in our digital
society- knowing how things like a computer actually work come from a
strong background in math. I define forward looking as taking the
things we have learned in the past and applying them to our success
in the future. My true hope, is for the people I help to not remember
the math, but to remember the lessons while learning math. When I
talk to the people I have helped tutor in ten, twenty, or even thirty
years I hope I will be able to directly see the effect of a strong
mathematical background in furthering their education. I will not be
able to see exactly how my Algebra tips have helped them raise a
family, but I hope the life lessons they have learned from my
tutoring will benefit their lives.

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