Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – More Than A Reputation

Name: Lexie Hall
From: Woods Cross, Utah
Grade: 12th
School: Woods Cross High School
Votes: 0

Growing up, I had noticed that there was a lack of youth involvement
when it came to community service. It had me curious for a long time
as to why everyone else who was older was gifted with the opportunity
to help, yet here I was, capable to do my fair share of helping, but
I never got to. For so long I just couldn’t understand why others
could do that, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t until the sixth grade,
when we teamed up with the local police department to clean the park
when something sparked.

Six years later, I’ve spend over 960 hours a year serving the
community by helping in soup kitchens, knitting hats for the
homeless, tutoring young kids, walking dogs at the animal shelter,
and having the honor of being president of both my high school’s
Impact Team, which helps teach fire safety, anti-bullying, anti-drug
and alcohol usage; along with the Hope Squad, which the focus is to
prevent suicide and help those battling mental illnesses, all while
bring awareness to those matters. I take part in these teams because
I want to see the world become a more accepting place, all while
educating others. As a team, we’ve put together weeks dedicated to
suicide prevention, improving happiness, random acts of kindness, and
ensuring that nobody sits alone during lunch. While these events
always has a successful result, there are people who view the
projects as a waste of time, because the youth of this generation is
seen as people who cares more about technology that the community.
We’re put in a box and discredited for our abilities, though our
age cannot define our abilities to do great things. We cannot be
stereotyped, limited, or doubted, because what we do is greater than
a reputation we didn’t intentionally gain. My team and I don’t
serve for attention or for rewards, we service to see how we can made
a difference. If you can make it click for one kid as to why bullying
isn’t right, or why sitting with someone who is alone at lunch can
help improve their day, then that’s one more person who has been
inspired to use all their abilities for good, and to help better the
community, and that’s how I know my service was successful because
what I take away from it all, is that no matter what, we all have the
power to do something amazing, and when I look back on these
memories, I’ll always be proud of the possibility that I might have
saved a life, and that maybe I helped prevent someone from getting
bullied, which is something I’ll always deem important. I want to
continue my service by becoming a school counselor, and also
continuing to persuade others to take part in community service,
because at the end of each service project, you can walk away saying,
“maybe nobody will notice, but I know what I did to help, and I’m
proud of that.”

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