Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – My Contribution

Name: Karen Longoria
From: Las Vegas, NV
Grade: 12th
School: Las Vegas Academy of the Arts
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Forward Scholarship

November 2016

At the start of my high school career, I decided that I wanted to partake in service activities that would benefit the youth and my
community. As of today, I am currently an active member of Batteries Included which is an organization aimed towards youth becoming better leaders in society. This group is in partnership with the city of Las Vegas and is directed by the Mayor. The organization focuses on leadership, health, safety, and education which is why I was driven to become part of this group.

During my freshmen year, the president of the group resigned and left our club without a leader. Everyone in the group decided that I was the best fit for president and appointed me the position. I was in charge of running the meetings, and planning service events with the vice president. During my time as president, I discovered that I loved the program and wanted to continue it the following year. I was reelected as president and learned to assists others, and the community while also taking my personal wellness into consideration. Junior year, I obtained a job and balanced my schedule around that. I knew that the organization would benefit the most if I didn’t take the position as president. I did not run, but still actively participated in the club. This year, my work load is the heaviest it has ever been.
Applying for college, having a job, while still keeping my grades high has kept me extremely busy. Being a part of this program has
helped me become a better individual that can lead society.

My biggest challenge as a volunteer has been time management. I am constantly having to prioritize myself with everything that is going on around me. I am enrolled in high school as a World Jazz and French major. That alone takes up most of my time, due to practice and studying, not taking into account my other classes. Usually, when planning and coordinating events for the group, I lose track of the actual time. Being a volunteer has helped me with time, because I realize that not everyone has the same opportunities as I do, so I have to work hard to achieve what I want. Being able to help those people that do not have the same opportunities as I do is one of my greatest satisfactions.

Being apart of the organization has taught me to always help others. In the future, I want to be able to continually assist others reach their goals. I believe that everyone should work to look forward in time and work for a better future. Living this way can guarantee a positive outcome that contains no regrets. This sort of change will help benefit youth preparing for their lives in the real world. Twenty years from now, I hope to look back at my volunteer experiences with Batteries Included and say that my experience has
shaped my morals and they way I live. I also hope, that all the people I have worked with will do the same and change their
communities as well.

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