Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – My Impact

Name: Megan Hall
From: Mesa, Arizona
Grade: Sophomore/10th grade
School: Sequoia Choice Distance Learning
Votes: 1

Since I was in middle school, I have been committed to volunteering with multiple organizations, even if that meant sacrificing a large portion of time. I began volunteering at my church; we did community outreach in the youth, multiple mission trips, and I specifically enjoyed working with the children in Sunday School. I participated in the community
outreach partially because I enjoyed the feeling of love from the people I worked with, and partially because I truly loved helping the church. I specifically chose to work with children weekly because I find that children are so innocent and joyful that they naturally bring me happiness.

This natural happiness is part of the reason I began volunteering at dance as well. In middle school I began assisting in weekly dance classes. Not only did the children bring me joy, but the dance did as well. Unfortunately, most of my volunteering ended in ninth grade for a short period when I was diagnosed with epilepsy and spent a major amount of time in the hospital. In tenth grade I began doing much better, and began volunteering at church again and at White Dove Thrift Shop.

At church, I have begun volunteering in youth group again. Specifically, I love our most recent summer project, during which we did a bake sale fundraiser for The Refuge Foundation, an organization that helps widows and orphans in Nigeria. I have choreographed or have been an assistant choreographer in three dances, and have performed in four dances personally, including an improvisational solo. I began choreographing for a school project, but found that I enjoyed it;
when our church’s previous choreographer moved away, I was the person left with the most experience in dance in the church, so I did my best to step into her role.

I began volunteering at White Dove Thrift Shop towards the end of ninth grade. I originally wanted to help at Hospice of the Valley because I have been close to death before, and I wanted to be able to give others peace near their final hours. However, Hospice of the Valley directed me towards White Dove Thrift Shop instead because the chain is owned by them and the funds go directly to HOV. I have since found that I enjoy volunteering there very much; I do so nearly every week for two hours. Most of the time I hang clothes or put items out on the floor.

I love seeing the joy on someone’s face when their life has been impacted by me; I have learned a lot of life lessons through volunteering. I believe the most important thing I’ve learned is to be thankful for everything I have, including my ability to help others. Someday I want to become a lawyer because I want to help those who may be otherwise mistreated by a judge; I know that the things I’m doing now and the things I will do in the future will impact people for their lifetime.

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